and wine and fish hatcheries

my geography professor says a lot of great things, very few of them having to do with geography.
i am taking notes. they are these.
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Because it wouldn’t post to twitter. Then he started talking about caviar.

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thursday september 1

  • "new lamborghini, new house in the hamptons, new, more aerodynamic spouse"
  • "champagne was flowing" said three times in thirty seconds, really
  • prig
  • talked about las vegas for the whole class and mobs and bugsy siegel
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tuesday august 30

  • re: a typo he made on the syllabus “everyone needs an editor. hemmingway had the best editor of his day.” and then he moved on
  • basketball metaphor on “college brands”?
  • oberlin college (for a half hour)
  • "behoove"
  • when asked how oberlin got to be so prestigious, discussed canals and the connecticut western reserve and firelands and surveying
  • mining
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thursday august 25

  • "nobody can top our bullshit" on american media
  • glaciers & ridges (cleveland street and sandy ridge used to be “beach front property” [which phrase was repeated like 6 times])
  • family crests were “team uniforms” that “prevent granddad from being zapped” (in medieval brawls and such)
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so’s you know what he sounds like. to enhance the experience.

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tuesday august 23

  • "let me tell you a story—my girlfriend, who is now dead, and i…"
  • my book
  • my screenplay
  • bill clinton
  • rome
  • like ten minutes of roman emperor jokes that i’m pretty sure nobody understood
  • infant mortality rates (at least fifteen minutes)
  • aircraft carriers
  • least favorite place in the northern hemisphere to start a war? afghanistan
  • "accounting is a form of witchcraft"
  • "earning ten dollars an hour at burger death"
  • roll call + questions regarding name etymologies (ten minutes)
  • great lakes accent
  • the first twenty-four hour period of continuous electricity was on a tuesday because that’s when all the housewives did the ironing
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